E- Tickets

What is E-ticket

“Passenger ticket”: is transportation document of passenger and baggage by air plane, and is an evidence of carriage contract; of which terms, notices and the coupons form part. The “passenger ticket” or “ticket” means either “passenger ticket and baggage check” in paper (paper ticket) or electronic ticket.

“Electronic ticket”: is a ticket in electronic form, including all information pertaining to the usage of carriage services of Vietnam Airlines (VN) instead of paper ticket. Electronic ticket (E-ticket) has all information as shown in the paper ticket of VN and VN takes the responsibility to store the E-ticket data base and guarantees smooth travel for passengers.

“Passenger and baggage carriage contract”: is a dossier of E-ticket, carriage conditions, tariffs of VN and other written agreements of both parties.

Advantages of E-ticket to passengers

More secure because you can avoid risks of lost, torn, crushed or crumpled, folded, dirty ticket. Faster check-in process. It is easier for VN staffs to make changes to E-ticket upon required because ticket information retrieval is faster and more precisely. More convinient transaction between the airline and passengers when E-ticket will be sold via the Internet. In the future, when it is possible, you can perform self check-in for saving time.

You can book through Vietnam Airlines' (VN's) telephone sale or at booking offices and its authorised agents.

You must provide details of passport to booking officers, your telephone number to contact in case the flight schedule may be changed.

You must present passport as registered when making reservations then purchasing E-ticket at VN's booking offices and its authorised agents.

VN's officer will give you back “Receipt” and the “Itinerary/Receipt” together with pre-printed “General conditions for carriage (extract) of Vietnam Airlines”. VN's e-ticket is sold by VN's ticketing offices and its authorised agents. The sale of E-ticket is made through VN's sale network as that of paper ticket. In the future, passenger can buy E-ticket and make payment through the Internet.

The “Itinerary/Receipt”

The “Itinerary/Receipt” is a printed sheet of paper providing basic information of passenger’s journey in order to help passenger precisely identifying transportation services. The “Itinerary/Receipt” does not have legal status as that of paper ticket.

Travel documents

It is required for passenger to register EXACTLY passport number (regulated by law) which will be used for traveling.

You must present passport as resgistered in the E-ticket. The presentation of the "Itinerary/Receipt" helps the procedure to be done faster and more conveniently. In case you do not have the "Itinerary/Receipt" with you, you can provide ticket number or your full name, flight number and date of flight.

Changing reservations

You must contact VN’s booking offices or its authorised agents in order to change your reservations. You may be charged penalty fees and/or additional collection as required in your fare conditions. You may request for a new “Itinerary/Receipt” with new information of reservations.

The refund/change of the E-ticket can only be done if your fare conditions allow to refund and/or change. It is required to provide details of passport as registered when making reservation and purchasing E-ticket. If the registered passport is lost, you must write Letter of commitment and use another legal passport.
Refund beneficiary:
  • The refund can only be done to person named on the carriage document or the purchaser.
  • In other cases, the person receiving the refund must have legal authorized letter of the above said refund beneficiary.
  • The refund is made only at the first issuing place or VN’s booking office in charge of that issuing agents.

The form of refund is that of payment.

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